Customer Service and Product reviews Management

Management of Seller Central buyer-seller messages & customer response

Reporting and management of any necessary refunds

Coverage and analysis on A-to-Z Guarantee claims

Responding to customers product reviews

Removal of product reviews

Responding to storefront reviews

Removal of storefront reviews

New Item Setup and ASIN Creation (Vendor Central & Seller Central)

New Item Setup (NIS) and all related outputs

Bundles/Packs and Variation ASINs

Virtual ASIN creation and oversight

3P Sellers and Related SKU Management

3P ASIN Merges including the removal of duplicate detail pages

Oversight and guidance for Intellectual Property (IP) & counterfeit-related issues

OPS Services

PO processing / accepting / canceling orders

Amazon Ref Number (ARN) creation and troubleshooting

Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) submission and troubleshooting

Identifying & resolving case pack quantity (CPQ) and case cost errors & issues

Item / Carton / Labelling guidance and troubleshooting

Private label product launches across Amazon markets

Amazon Brand Registry account management

Direct import setup including FCA & FOB

Dropship and direct fulfillment setup and management

Seller Central inventory management and replenishment plans

Seller Central account reconciliation for lost/damaged units and reimbursements

Seller Central creation of removal orders

Support for terms negotiation and Amazon agreements

Amazon B2B setup and oversight for Vendor and Seller Central

Seller Central management of FBA shipments and related troubleshooting

FBA shipment creation and shipment label documentation

We can customize our agency support model to match the needs of your products, your brand and your team. If all of this feels overwhelming and you’re simply confused or not sure what makes the most sense Amazon-wise, please contact us today . You can rest assured that we’ll take the time to understand and listen to your needs before we suggest anything!