Invoices, Shortages and Proof of Delivery (POD)

POD submissions and all related shortage claim disputes

Shortage invoice troubleshooting and ongoing analysis

Creation and submission of invoices and related troubleshooting

AmazonexpertZ is your full time Amazon account management team. When you’re faced with the headache of invoice shortages and proof of delivery (aka POD) is required, you can rest assured that we have your back. We provide extensive root cause analysis and ongoing Amazon strategy to ensure that you and your account can begin to avoid shortage claims.
We’ll pursue all of those dollars left on the table on and report back to you with status updates on all POD and shortage claim-related cases.
Are you ready to say goodbye to shortage claims and invoice hassles?

Amazon Chargeback Management (Vendor Central)

Dispute management for all operational performance chargebacks and related issues

Proactive chargeback management including reporting and analysis

Deep-dive analyses of operational inefficiencies at warehouse/carrier/3PL level

Amazon Vendor Central chargebacks are a very real concern that can cost you and your account plenty of money over the lifetime of your account. In our experience, chargebacks are typically evidence of inefficient or inaccurate processes. Chargebacks can be triggered by late PO confirmations, issues with shipping, ASNs, (advanced shipping notifications) and labels, as well as prep-related challenges that are relatively easy to avoid with a bit of education and process refinement.
AmazonexpertZ, as your virtual assistant for all things Amazon, will identify and help you fix any broken processes for item and catalog management, shipment management and of course, purchase order management.
If you are you ready to start saving valuable time and money and end the chargeback drama for once and for all, click here to get started now!